Estate planning services

Everyone has an Estate


As a Partner of Topdocs Protect we work together to help facilitate the information required for your Estate Plan.

Please use the link below and the code LOTUSAC6404 to enable us to also review the information provided online.

Not Everyone has a Plan


An owner of a Bitcoin company took $200 million of his customers funds to the grave because know one else knew the password. 

In Planning Plan B we help explain the terms, reasons why and how to best go about implementing an Estate Plan that covers your needs.

We help Planning Plan B


Estates plans distribute assets, information, intellectual property and memories to people or organisations you decide to benefit from your legacy. 

Without one your loved ones often end up spending time, money and negative energy on top of an already emotionally stressful time in their lives.

Our experience and knowledge helps you practically plan this process to avoid potential stress to those you love.

Planning Plan B

Kylie is the Author of Planning Plan B and helps both individuals create a Plan B and Accountants and Financial Planners create an additional service line for their clients.

Working with View Legal and NowInfinity based on both professional accounting, life and research experience Kylie assists clients in ensuring the legacy you envision is legally enforceable.

With personal experience of divorce with and without children Kylie is able to help guide you through the financial settlement process in conjunction with your Family Lawyer.

Working closely with Financial Planners and Insurance Brokers we can assist in Planning your Plan B.